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Vanicream™ Sustainability

For nearly 50 years, Vanicream™ has been committed to providing high-quality, effective, and safe products for those with sensitive skin. We know how important it is to take care of our skin, and we believe it is equally as important to take care of our planet. The health of current and future generations relies on companies to lead the way in practices that are environmentally, socially, and economically sustainable.

At Vanicream™, our motto is “The most important ingredient is trust™”. Just as you trust our expertise in sensitive skincare, you can trust our dedication to caring for the planet.

Current Practices

These are the actions our company is currently taking on our journey to become more environmentally friendly.

Renewable Energy

We are continuously working towards sourcing low-emission energy for our facility. As a start, 25% of our electricity (based on 2021 usage) is sourced through a local hydro plant by purchasing Renewable Energy Credits. A Renewable Energy Credit (REC) is renewable electricity sourced from a low or zero-emission resource, helping to reduce scope 2 GHG emissions associated with our facility’s electricity usage and supporting the development of renewable energy sources. Our goal is to source 100% of our electricity from renewable sources using RECs by 2030.

vanicream sustainability wind turbine icon


We use 100% biodegradable cornstarch packing peanuts in our shipments. These packing peanuts decompose in water, leaving no toxic waste. We also reuse pallets, cardboard boxes, and pallet papers in our shipping area to cut down on excess waste.

We also utilize UPS’s carbon-neutral shipping option for all of our UPS shipments. By paying an extra fee that goes toward different environmentally positive projects (including reforestation, landfill gas destruction, and more), this shipping option helps offset the emissions of the transport of the shipment. 

Reduce & Reuse

Our Liquid Cleanser comes in a convenient, 32oz refill size which can be used to refill pump bottles, helping to reduce plastic waste. One 32oz size of our Liquid Cleanser can be used to refill one 8oz pump bottle four times, saving over 60% in packaging by weight when a 32 oz refill is used instead of purchasing four 8oz bottles. The 32oz bottle can then be recycled. 


Many of our products are packaged using recyclable components. To recycle once the product is used, remove the pump (if applicable), rinse to remove the remaining product, and refer to the number on the bottom of the container to find out where to recycle. Learn more about how to recycle our product packaging.

Conserving Energy

We have begun converting to LED lighting in our facility and added motion-sensor lighting in certain areas to conserve energy.

We use electric forklifts, which are only charged when needed and not daily. These electric forklifts produce zero emissions, lowering our carbon footprint while also creating a healthier work environment in our warehouse area.

We are striving to create a culture of continual improvement within the sustainability sphere, not just at Vanicream™ but throughout our community.

Our sustainability journey is just beginning, and we invite you to follow along as we continue to evolve.