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Why Vanicream™ Deodorant is Different

Vanicream Deodorant without aluminum has been formulated to avoid common chemical irritants for people with sensitive skin. We chose a water-based gel to fight odor using only five ingredients. It is a fragrance-free, unscented deodorant, with no botanical extracts and is alcohol-free and gluten-free. Below are examples of ingredients used in many deodorants that could be problematic for sensitive skin. You won’t find these in our formula.

Botanical extracts, fragrance, or masking fragrance to cover up underarm odor.

Because Vanicream Deodorant is free of botanical extracts, fragrance, and masking fragrance, do not expect our deodorant to mask underarm odor. It was formulated to fight odor before it starts. Application of our deodorant to sweaty, smelly underarms will fight off further odors, but may fail to mask the pre-existing ones. Luckily, pre-existing odors can be easily washed off with water and a mild cleanser .

Sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) to neutralize underarm odors.

While baking soda is excellent at neutralizing odors, it was not the best fit for our desired pH requirements and may not be well tolerated by sensitive skin.

Starches and clays to absorb sweat.

Vanicream Deodorant is an aluminum-free formula designed to fight odor, not sweat. We do not include plant-based starches or mineral clays. These are commonly used to absorb sweat, but may be a source of irritation and could contain aluminum in their mineral structures.

Alcohol to make deodorants dry quickly after application.

Vanicream Deodorant is free of volatile, quick-drying ingredients that may also be drying to the skin. In place of alcohol, an effective way to reduce drying time is to apply a thin layer of deodorant and continue spreading it evenly to allow the water to evaporate.

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