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How You Can Help Your Local Business Survive COVID-19

As the Coronavirus pandemic continues, it may become more difficult for local businesses to stay afloat without community support. Unfortunately, some companies will not survive. Here are some ways you can help.

Buy Local 

Buying local is not only good for our economy, it is essential for the survival of small businesses. There are a number of ways you can support your favorite local businesses while social distancing.

  • Find out if they are offering home delivery or curb side ‘pick-up’ on items you would normally buy from them.
  • If a restaurant offers ‘take-out’ services, order by phone or online, and pick it up. It also provides a way to escape from your home for even a few brief minutes. We all want that.
  • Don’t forget about that ‘Tip’ — and tip well. Tipping is an easy way to give thanks to restaurant staff, delivery drivers and other frontline workers putting in long hours.
  • Find out if your local business is offering new ways to DIY (do it yourself) at home. Pre-made kits are becoming more popular than ever. Bakeries are offering ‘donut and cake decorating kits’, pizza shops are offering ‘make your own pizza kits’, sewing centers are providing ‘sewing and craft kits’ that you can purchase online. What a great way to provide at-home entertainment while also supporting your local business.
  • Buy their brand merchandise online — and be patient if shipping times are longer than usual.
  • Purchase gift cards for later use. It will provide income now to keep them operating.

Extend your Buying Power

A simple gesture can go a long way. If you purchased merchandise, a DIY kit, or created an activity using previous purchased local resources, post a photo on social media. Don’t forget to tag your local business or include a link to the website. Spread the word, tell everyone!

Let your small local business know you care. Make face masks with a fabric print (purchased from a local business!) that supports their company theme and protects workers while in contact with the public.

Reschedule appointments instead of canceling. Creating future plans can help provide a positive outlook for both individuals and businesses.

Leave a positive review or comment on the company website or other review sources, such as ‘Yelp’.

New Service Opportunities

Many are trying to cope with the ‘Stay at Home’ situation by creating new activities to entertain kids and family. Social media platforms confirm that ‘Stay at Home’ has inspired imagination and creativity. If your ideas require ‘supplies’ that your local business could provide, contact them. It may help create ‘new business’ opportunities for them and a coping mechanism for others forced to stay at home. One new idea could go a long way.

Support Non-essential Businesses

You can still support the non-essential businesses that had to close their doors. You will eventually need a haircut, get that massage you so badly want, or a manicure to fix what you cannot do well on your own.  Buy a gift card now and use it when they re-open. Let businesses know you have not forgotten them and intend on coming back when allowed.

You Can Make a Difference

No one can predict how long it will take to get through the pandemic or how it will impact small business. Remember to be patient. Many companies are operating on a skeleton crew.

We love to share our accomplishments with others. When you find something that works for you… tell everyone!  Use your social media skills to spread the word. What may seem like a small gesture, could keep your local business not only surviving, but thriving.

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